Oct 24, 2017
by Khalil Breidi

Chakras & Energy healing; energy medicine

Our bodies are quite miraculous with the capacity to heal despite all the abuse, stress, sleep deprivation and junky food we eat. But sometimes the craziness of life interferes with our bodies’ natural capacity to be healthy and well.   

Growing up as the daughter of a pediatrician, Western medicine is something I have benefited from and believe in. If, heaven forbid, I was ever to contract a serious illness, I would most definitely be marching straight to my doctor and the field of conventional medicine to get me well. But, that might not be all I would be doing. 

I just wrapped up a course at the Institute for Holistic Nutrition that I LOVED and found SO inspiring that I wanted to share some of the things I learned with you. The course was about energy pathways to health and how electrical, electromagnetic and ‘subtle’ energies give our bodies life AND they form the foundation of our health. 

 Have I lost you? 

 If you are already rolling your eyes, or skeptical, be warned, this is probably not your cup of tea. But, this isn’t just airy fairy stuff, it has its merits.

chakras and energy pathways, energy healing , energy medicine

Health and wellness have become a greater focal point in my life. I’m not just talking about eating better. There are preventative and alternative measures to explore that will take your health and vitality to the next level, which is why I loved what I just learned at school. For those of you who haven’t stopped reading yet, thank you and good for you for keeping an open mind. Maybe you will learn something and think this is as COOL as I do! 

Energy medicine can be used as a complement to other approaches to medical care for physical illness. But, what is most compelling, is that it’s a world of esoteric possibilities capable of providing answers and healing for some of the emotional baggage we carry with us.

energy healing, energy medicine, chakras

According to energy medicine, the human spirit is a manifestation of energy.  You heal the body by activating its natural healing energies and restoring energies that have become weak, disturbed or out of balance. 

Our physical bodies consist of ‘Meridians’ (energy pathways) and 7 energy centers in the body called ‘Chakras’. In Sanskrit the word ‘chakra’ means ‘wheel of light’. The 7 chakras extend from the base of the spine (Root/base chakra) to the top of the head (Crown chakra) and each chakra energy system is like a data bank that corresponds to a different aspect of our life. There is a spiritual aspect to each of the 7 chakras

1 Root:  Self -Awareness

2 Sacral:  Self- Respect

3 Solar Plexus: Self-Worth

4 Heart:  Self-Love

5 Throat:  Self-Expression

6 Third Eye:  Self-Responsibility

7 Crown:  Self-Knowledge 

energy healing, energy medicine, chakras                            chakra energy medicine, energy healing

When one or more of your chakras is too open or closed, it has an impact on specific organ systems, endocrine glands and specific emotional states. For example, Root chakra is all about safety, security, survival and issues surrounding family. If you have past or present unresolved issues revolving around those things, it can help explain certain health issues relating to your immune system, bones, joints, blood, spine or adrenals. In other words, when one of these chakras (ie energy centers) drags or is broken, the whole will not operate as intended and that’s why we can feel ‘off’ physically or emotionally.

Are you still with me?

Energy medicine is the acceptance that chakras aren’t just storage facilities for the experiences of our past. They can also be utilized for our healing. Within each chakra there is the capacity to transmute balls of energy filled with negative toxic memory and emotion, and transform and convert this energy into a form that is no longer harmful to the functioning of our cells.

‘How?’ you ask. Once you isolate which chakra is off balance, it can be repaired and healed with the right kind of foods, colour therapy, essential oil therapy, meditation, healing affirmations, physical exercise or prayer. The key is to fully express and resolve the pain and stress of an event that has affected your chakra.

When we hold onto the negative experiences of our past, they interfere with the flow of ‘chi’ energy, not only in the organs and tissues but, within the chakra and meridian systems of the body.

So…when conventional methods don’t make you feel better, the good news is there’s a whole world of possibilities. I’d love to hear what alternative healing practices you have explored and/or gravitate towards. Please share!

 energy medicine, energy healing, chakras



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