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Sri Yantra Rainbow Chakra Jar Candle

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Sri Yantra Rainbow Chakra Jar Candle 7 Color - 1 Candle every day at these amazing prices! Sri Yantra Rainbow Chakra Jar Candle 7 Color Description:

  • Unscented Palm Wax
  • Burn Time: 100 hrs
  • 16 oz. Candle
  • 8" Tall

Sri Yantra or Sri Chakra is a sacred geometric pattern that sages of the Siddha Yoga lineage and their disciples have used to unravel secrets of the Universe for millennia. A diagram formed by interlocking 9 triangles radiating from a dot, it is a geometric pattern that, Advait Vedanta sages say, is the key to mastering the science of creation (of what you want) and destruction (of what you don’t want).

Sri Chakra


Sri Yantra represents the microcosmic level of the Universe as well as the human body.

Each circuit in Sri Yantra corresponds to one of the chakras in the human body. An ever rotating and expanding Sri Yantra represents the Universe.


Sri Yantra







Essential Oil:
  • Unscented
  • Palm
  • Indonesia

Energy Surrounding

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I buy the full set of Aloha Bay Chakra candles every month. I love the candles and Pick-icon has by far the best price on them, and I have shopped around extensively. Pick-icon shipping is amazingly fast, unbelievably fast at times! I love that! The only thing I would change is the names Aloha Bay gives each candle. Example, this "Love" candle is actually called the "Sacral Chakra", it states this on the candle label under the mandala. I just wish they would call them by what they are and not what they think sounds good. For example, the Heart Charka candle is called "Healing", they mixed up the names, but overall the candles smell good, a light scent. They burn down decently well enough, if you maintain them and make sure the first burn time is at least long enough to cause a complete "pool" of wax on top. Then they will burn more evenly. though I do need to give mine some help in burning down complete.
Love the shape and the smells, but they really aren't that strongly scented. You can't really smell them much while they're lit.
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