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Use the form below to receive support for sales done on

For pre-sale and General support use Contact Us page. Alternatively you may wish to send us your enquiries to

In case of defective item, please send us the following:

  1. Two+ pictures of the package you received, one picture for each side.
  2. Picture(s) of the defective item showing clearly the problem
  3. Optionally send us picture for a working item as comparison
  4. In the Message Body explain in few lines the problem you encountered and provide us with the defective item code (sku) number.

In case of haven't received the parcel, please do the following BEFORE contacting us:

  1. Please wait up to 35 days before you receive your item. Sometimes it takes a while due to delays beyond our control
  2. Double check your order destination address, often customers make a mistake regarding this
  3. Check the status of your order by checking it against the tracking number you receive. To do this go to your order detail page and click on 'Track Order'. This will give you details about where your item is.
  4. Check your post office; often the times where some parcels are held by the post office to pick them up your self or pay fees. So give them a call and ask about a package under your name.

In case your having trouble using the item try the following:

  1. Check the box and the manual that comes along the package, if they are in different language try to translate them. If this is not possible try to figure it out from the illustrative figures
  2. Try to do some google research, you will often get more detailed walkthroughs. Search for the title name you find on the box and you will get lots of people asking the same question as you do.
  3. Give your self an extra day or 2 to get complete understanding of the item your purchased. Some items requires extensive training.

In case of missing items from the parcel, do the following:

  1. Give us the item code (SKU), title and the quantity purchased and missing
  2. Take a picture from the whole items you received including the parcel.

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