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Mystery Box

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What's happened to gift-giving? There are no surprises any more. Mystery has been cruelly replaced with mindless wish-lists. Everyone just gets what they've asked for. Where's the sense of adventure? 

This is your chance to do something different; to take a risk and embrace the unknown with open arms. Give them something they weren't expecting for heavens sake. Bring back a little suspense and excitement. 

We know that choosing the right presents is hard and that's where the Mystery Box works its wizardry, because it does all of that for you! It’s the antidote to this terrible and unimaginative affliction. It's an experience – the priceless gift of anticipation and wonder (and in some cases even deflation). 

Treat yourself. Treat someone else. Just treat them to a bit of mystery. Put your fate in our hands

$ 250
I have addiction with these boxes. They surprise me all the time. I usually get the 25$ box. Next time, I will go with the 100
The super-random assortment of products in these boxes are a true surprise—no themes here! Just lots of unexpected fun.
new box that sends you a wide range of items for only 25$
fast shipment
Were these the smaller $25 boxes? My husband and I send a lot of care packages and I could see the value in these things. I send to children, adults and the elderly so I think I could find a home for almost everything here. I am bed ridden right now and so I cannot shop in stores. I've been thinking of the larger $ 100 box but if these were $100 I agree that the value is too low. I loved that wall hook hanger thing. So pretty!
I loved everything except the cup holder.
This is 100$ Dollars Box. I actually liked all of the items.. you have to remember these guys send random things. so if you're picky it would not be a good box for you.
So many uses!
Great fun
This Mystery Box delivers surprises that range from novelty items to snacks and everything in between.
I got the 50$ box
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