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Organic Berbere Seasoning Ethiopian 12 Spice Blend

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We combine twelve different spices to produce this wonderful, spicy blend which has its origins in Ethiopa. It has a very coarse, earthy texture and adds a zesty hot flavor to meats when used as a rub for grilling, barbecuing or pan frying.

  • Non-GMO Project Verified

  • Kosher

  • Non-ETO

  • Non-Irradiated

If you have ever had Ethiopian food or any food from countries in the Horn of Africa (Djibouti, Eritrea, and Somalia), you have probably encountered Berbere. Like za’atar in the Middle East and harissa in North Africa, berbere is a staple seasoning that can be found across all kinds of dishes in various countries in Africa. Let’s learn a little more about what berbere is, what it tastes like, and how we can incorporate it into our cooking.

Berbere is a dry spice mix that is commonly used in the Horn of Africa, but it originates from Ethiopia, where it is also a key ingredient in dishes. It is a complex blend of hot chili peppers and black pepper, fragrant cardamom, clove, and cinnamon, as well as fenugreek and coriander. Other ingredients in berbere may include common African spices, such as cumin, paprika, nutmeg, allspice, onion, garlic, and ajwain, a seed-like fruit that tastes like a combination of anise and oregano. Berbere is like Ethiopia’s answer to chili powder, but with much more depth of flavor. Its flavor is best described as hot and spicy, with earthy, aromatic, and slightly sweet undertones.

  • Organic Black Pepper
  • Organic Cardamom
  • Organic Cayenne
  • Organic Cinnamon
  • Organic Clove
  • Organic Coriander
  • Organic Cumin
  • Organic Fenugreek
  • Organic Ginger
  • Organic Paprika
  • Organic Turmeric
  • Sea Salt
  • Ethiopia

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Ethiopian 12 spice blend loaded with flavor
I love this spice blend so much! I use this Berbere seasoning mainly in a red lentil soup recipe but it can be used in rice dishes or roasted cauliflower or broasted potatoes. If you like it more spicy, add more but it is the perfect blend as it.
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